For years we get asked the same questions; why do Personal Training? What are the benefits? How do we differ from any other gym or trainers?  Allow us to clarify these questions for you while providing you with further insight as to what you receive when you train with Hurls Fitness…


Personal Training is here to change the way we train, from someone who’s looking for general fitness to those looking to be the next Ian Thorpe or Usain Bolt.

It’s never easy to achieve what you’re after by training yourself.  It’s even easier to reach a plateau or lose motivation due to doing the same old routine every day.  The same level of difficulty applies to those who are new to the gym and/ or have never been shown the correct technique for an exercise or even how to use the equipment efficiently. If this sounds like you, than its these reasons and many more why our Personal Trainers are overflowing with the energy, knowledge and support you need to achieve your goal.

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Let’s rephrase and ask what aren’t the benefits?!

Benefits of Personal Training:

  • Get motivated to push beyond the boundaries, and at the very least get motivated to just get off the couch!
  • We can help you achieve almost any athletic goal you desire
  • Personal Training keeps training fun, exciting and breaks routines
  • Personal Training is safe: Ideal for amateurs to the gym, the elderly and those with injuries or ailments
  • Learn: Proper technique, better ways of dieting, more exercises and tips
  • Rehabilitation to help you recover from almost any injury you might have sustained
  • Variety.  Never get stuck doing the same old routine.



  • Reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure, as well as reducing any current high blood pressure levels
  • Reduce high cholesterol or the risk of developing high cholesterol
  • Reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes
  • Reduce the risk of colon cancer and breast cancer
  • Exercise enables you to burn high amounts of fat
  • It builds and maintains healthy muscles, bones and joints which are also beneficial for burning fat
  • Lowers stress and anxiety levels as well as reducing the risks of depression
  • Helps to prolong natural life
  • Essential for sports performance
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Boost your metabolism, essential for burning calories, (fat in particular)
  • Feel better about yourself, through a boosted self esteem
  • Provides you with the ability to smile when looking in the mirror!!

If you find that you are at risk in any of the above categories, then you should be talking to us right now! So if you’re not, what are you waiting for?  Because as they say; time spent wishing, is time wasted!  So don’t waste another minute and contact us today to start your new life.



There’s an easy reason why we’re constantly referred to by members and previous members, Physiotherapists and Sports Doctors.  It’s the same reason why our clients have stayed with us for so long and continue to come back.

  • We offer long term, lifestyle changes. not short term solutions
  • We offer variety through a range of proven exercise techniques to achieve any goal.
  • The programs and/or training we offer will enable you to achieve your goal and keep it. Training at a realistic pace as per whatever your ability may be.
  • You will never be just another client.  We understand that you are unique, so we listen and prescribe exercises based on your ability and requirements.  (It’s the age old; “tell me where it hurts” theory).
  • Aside from our ability to offer unique and exclusive membership facilities, Hurl’s Fitness Trainers have a combined knowledge of over 40years.
  • Each Trainer offers a unique perspective to exercise and training.
  • We practice what we preach.  Each trainer has been training in their respected Athletic fields well before even being accredited as a trainer.
  • We also believe in the word motivation so we take your goals and results seriously, while keeping you safe and having fun at the same time.



Our Personal Training services offer endless variety.  All exercises within their respected category are designated for individual outcomes, which we can often combine to provide your body with sensational results in multiple areas of fitness.

Boxing, Kick Boxing, Rehabilitation, Sports Conditioning, Long and short distance running training, Outdoor Training, Beach Training, Pilate’s exercises, Core Stability, Circuit Training, Kettle Bells, Endurance Training, Hypertrophy Training, Power Training, Strength Training, Resistance Bands, Stretch techniques and training, Plyometrics, Tips and advice on exercising


  • We’ve all seen it, and most offer it, but have you done it? Boxing and kicking is a great alternative to increasing cardiovascular fitness, as well as providing great tone and muscle development.
  • Great for those wanting variety, to have fun with exercise, still get fit and tone up.
  • Whether it’s the most common of injuries; back, neck, knee, shoulder, all of the above or even something more minor.  These exercise will help build your strength in any area and get you back on your feet or moving for the first time!
  • Ideal for anyone carrying or have incurred in an injury and want to get back into their respected sport or lifestyle.
  • Training for a sport or some form of athletics? Conditioning your body through sport specific exercises is essential for development and prevention of injury. Hurl’s trainers can provide exercises that can offer a range of exercises to help boost your run, kick, tackle, punch and power!
  • Ideal for athletes, sporting athletes or those simply looking to start a sport.
  • These exercises and training techniques are ideal for marathon runners and sprinters. Our trainers continue to compete in many athletic competitions, so we can get you ready for your next big event from our own practical experience.
  • Fantastic for anyone looking to compete in running and cycling competitions and marathons.
  • If you like the outdoors and not be confined to a gym, this is for you.
  • Training outdoors has several benefits, but it’s biggest is “no limits.”
  • Training outdoors will have you training with a variety of exercises no gym can provide.
  • Great for anyone who doesn’t like gyms, want a variety from the gym or prefer training outdoors.  Also ideal conditioning for athletes and sporting athletes
  • This is the next level of outdoor training.  Sand is also a natural progression/resistance level in any required endurance training.
  • We can incorporate Pilate’s exercises into your workout if required. Pilates is a great way to strengthen your core and gain further stability and balance.
  • Pilates classes can not always provide you with the correct level of exercise for your ability, primarily due to the number of people in a class and their alternate abilities.  Therefore use of these exercises in one-on-one sessions may be better suited for your level of ability.
  • Ideal for those with back issues and anyone, as everyone can use a stronger core.
  • Don’t just isolate, incorporate your core through targeted exercises to achieve higher results.
  • Ideal for anyone wanting a flatter stomach, the always appealing ‘6 pack” or those who need to maintain and/or develop a stronger core for sport, work etc.
  • Struggling to maintain balance when exercising or just in general?  Using elements of Yoga techniques.These exercises will enable you to hold your body in positions you never thought possible!
  • Great for Athletes, sporting athletes (including dancers), rehabilitation and the elderly
  • Want a challenging, tough workout?  Circuit Training will raise your strength and fitness all in one work out.
  • Ideal for those looking for tough, challenging workouts.  Sporting athletes and athletes in general will find this particularly helpful.
  • One of the oldest forms of exercise, somewhat lost in today’s modern training.  Used highly by European power lifters, Kettle Bells are an “all in one” approach to getting, stronger, fitter, more agile, mobile and more toned.
  • Ideal for athletes and sports athletes, as well as functional training for general well being and fitness.
  • Endurance exercises train you both aerobically and anaerobically in order to achieve faster and more efficient results.
  • Ideal for those looking for tough, challenging workouts, athletes and sporting athletes.
  • Exercises used to achieve the fastest level of muscle growth
  • Great for people looking for faster results for a more ripped body.
  • Used to create greater speed and strength in your movement.
  • Get a faster serve, a bigger leap or a faster stride
  • ideal for athletes, sports athletes, weightlifters and body builders
  • Slower resistance exercises
  • Ideal for body builders, sport athletes, athletes, people wanting to burn fat, look lean and tone their bodies.
  • Also ideal for rehabilitation, the elderly and those new to exercise
  • A great alternative to weight training, with the ability to achieve similar or greater results.
  • Fantastic for toning and those who don’t like using weights.
  • Imperative to any training routine. Our trainers have expertise to free tight, sore and weak muscles.
  • Ideal for EVERYONE!!
  • Plyometrics combines strength, speed and above all power.  It is a compulsory element of any training which requires explosive movement.
  • Ideal for Athletes and Sporting athletes
  • Lets not forget that using a Personal Trainer should be more than someone who tells you what to do.  Use the time to learn.  Our trainers love teaching and want to ensure you know what you’re doing so you’re not just another “robot” or “mouse on a wheel” in the gym.